Instructional Design Course Content


The e-learning industry is growing by the day and opportunities in this field are endless. Professional qualifications, training, and up gradation of skills are key requirements for good jobs today. A good grip on the English language is essential for being an Instructional Designer.

Good English Language Skills


To be an instructional designer, you need to be able to use a computer. No you dont need to be a computer genius! Just knowing how to use MS Word should be a good start for you. Most instructional design is done in Word or an equivalent program.

Working Knowledge of Computers

Enough said! Now that is just to get you through the course, but if you really want to be successful as an instructional designer you should also be creative, be able to visualize new ideas, manage your time well, have an eye for detail and more. All of this will be explained in our course.



  • Introduction to e learning

  • Introduction to Instructional Design

  • Applying the appropriate strategy

  • The process of developing a course

  • Components of a course

  • Implementing the Analysis phase

  • Developing the design strategy

  • Designing an effective course

  • Creating a course outline

  • Analyzing study material

  • Introduction to story boarding development

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Structuring content

  • Visualising media elements

  • Creating Reinforcements

  • Creating questions

  • Writing a course summary

  • Story board development

  • Maintaining quality

  • Writing effectively

  • Reviewing courses

  • Working with development teams

  • Communicating effectively with teams, stakeholders and clients

  • Time management

  • elearning tools and standards

  • LMS, CMS, and LCMS

Instructional Design Course Requirements

Who can really benefit by taking this course?

  • English graduates looking for a career in writing

  • Content writers

  • Teachers

  • Anyone with a flair for writing and looking to earn an income from it Customer support employees who want to shift to a more fulfilling career