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 Prepare! prepare! prepare! Update yourself on all the theories and strategies that need to be applied to the job. Brush up on all that you have learnt. Dress for success!! How you present yourself creates a big impression on your personality. So ensure that you are in formals. Be neat and tidy and make sure you wear your smartest shoes.Be confident. Even if you're nervous try to stay calm. Besides, if you've followed the first point you're most likely to feel confident. There's nothing to worry about. You wont lose anything if you dont get the job. Atleast you'll know how to prepare yourself better if you didn't know a few things.Speak clearly. Listen to the interviewer's questions properly. Understand it. Think about what has been asked and then give the appropriate answer. Don't try to remember lines you read somewhere. Just say what you know in your own words.Be honest. Whether it's your experience or your aim in life, be honest about it. The other person would appreciate that. At the same time be smart about what you are saying too. Don't be carried away with emotions and try to win the person by saying how good you'd be etc. They should guage that when you talk about your experience and assignments.Make you carry a portfolio of all the work that you have done so far. Make a mental note of all your achievements. List down the challenges you have faced and how you overcame 

How to make it through an interview

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